Thursday, November 19, 2015

At the Next Table

Gossips spent the day at the Board of Elections counting absentee ballots, at the table where uncontested races were being counted. It was a routine and tedious process, but across the room much more exciting things were happening as the absentee ballots for Ghent were being counted. For those who remember the protracted dispute over the absentee ballots for Taghkanic in 2010, it was déjà vu all over again. Sam Pratt tells the story: "With Nastke's help, GOP lawyers make a mockery of the election process."

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  1. Another incident which I personally witnessed happened during the primary election, where in the Greenport election for an office, there was one absentee ballot challenged, where there actually was a police report signed by a police officer that the voter had been seen in Columbia County on election day, which is grounds to set aside the absentee ballot. Mr. Nastke said everybody is entitled to one vote, and when the law and the evidence was cited back to him, he just repeated the statement. So the ballot was set aside, until counted later when no lawsuit was filed. It's really quite shocking to me just how uninterested some are in this neck of the woods in actually following the law. The remedy of course if one does not like the law, is to try to change it, not just ignore it.