Monday, November 16, 2015

How It Came About

The display of American and French flags at City Hall was the brainchild of Common Council president Don Moore, who conceived of it as Hudson's expression of sorrow and support and a way to show that "a little city can stand with Paris and the cities attacked by these fanatics who don't share what city life means for its citizens." 

On Saturday morning, Moore made an appeal on Facebook for a French flag to hang with the American flag at City Hall. Katharine Umsted and Maria Manhattan responded to the appeal by volunteering to sew a French flag. 

Early this morning, Department of Public Works employees hung the flags on the columns flanking the entrance to City Hall.


  1. It is very touching for a French Hudsonite to see this wonderful expression of support wrapped on the columns of city hall. Thank you!
    Vincent Benoit Barral

  2. In recent days, jihadists have killed more than 300 people in Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The City of Hudson should hang the flag of Bangladesh on City Hall as it did when France was attacked. There must be someone in Hudson who can provide a flag of that nation.

  3. For the record, the national flag of Bangladesh consists of a red disc on top of a green field, offset slightly toward the hoist so that it appears centred when the flag is flying.