Monday, November 30, 2015

'Tis the Season for Pop-ups: Addendum

On Saturday, to mark the beginning of holiday shopping season, Gossips published an annotated list of pop-up shops in Hudson this year. As predicted, not all of them were included. So here is the first of what could be several addenda to the list.

Starting Saturday, December 5, at 356 Warren Street, the former location of Hudson Home, Luca Chiara will have a pop-up shop offering its unique line of unleather goods--RFID identity protecting wallets, card cases, and passport holders, as well as shoes and bags, all of which are 100 percent vegan and PETA approved.

If you are planning a pop-up shop for the holiday season, contact Gossips with information, so it can be added to the list. There are still 24 shopping days left until Christmas.


  1. Thanks for your listing of the temporary vendors now in town. Just wondering if you will be doing the same for shops that are here everyday of the year, not just when the gift buying frenzy takes place. Those shops, and their followers are what makes Warren Street attractive to the pop-ups.

  2. I understand your point Bob but let us not forget that Gossips has always been one of the few outspoken supporters of small businesses in downtown Hudson.