Saturday, November 21, 2015

Preserving the Symmetry

On November 13, a new design for the facade of 523 Warren Street, formerly the location of Earth Foods, was presented to the Historic Preservation Commission. The design, which eliminated the doorway at the right of the building and moved the entrance to the commercial space and the upper floors to the left of the building, was rejected because it did not preserve the symmetry of the building's original design.

Yesterday, a new design for the storefront was presented to the HPC. Although still moving both entrances to the left side of the building, the new design re-creates the symmetry of the building's original design with pilasters and the placement of windows.

The new design was unanimously approved by the five members of the HPC present at yesterday's meeting--Peggy Polenberg, David Voorhees, Rick Rector, Phil Forman, and Miranda Barry.

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