Monday, November 30, 2015

More About Schools

In his essay published yesterday, Peter Meyer made the point that Hudson City School District administers "have many masters": "The feds demand programs for poor kids; the state wants teacher evaluations based on standardized tests; the locals want excellence for their kids and low taxes; the unions want money and job security for their members." It seems in this tussle, the teachers' unions are doing pretty well. The Empire Center released a report this morning: "Six Figure School Pay Up 55 Percent."
The number of teachers and other school employees paid more than $100,000 by school districts outside New York City climbed to 49,834 last year, according to payroll data added today to SeeThroughNY, the Empire Center's transparency website.
The number represents a 55 percent increase from 32,179 in 2008-09, the first school year for which data were posted at the SeeThroughNY site.
Visiting the site and checking out the numbers for HCSD reveals that there are ten employees of the district with six-figure incomes, and another seventeen being paid somewhere between $90,000 and $100,000 a year. Explore SeeThroughNY for yourself to learn more.

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  1. if we read the report entitled "new york's failing schools" we learn that in the state of new york, the per pupil spending is 84 % higher than the average spent anywhere else in the US. we spend 19 k plus per student, and most places spend 10 k.

    the spending has not produced much for us in the HCSD. the system is broken, and there is no accountability. the salaries are very high, and the performance is rock bottom. it couldnt be much worse.

    the citizens of hudson have been asleep for years, just like the upstate character of old -- Mr Rip Van Winkle. until we all ask tough questions. the students in the city are going to be lost to indifference and an uncaring citizenry.

    is this really what we have come to be in america ? and what we want for the future ?