Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Curious Circumstance: The Response

Yesterday, Gossips published the allegation made by Victor Mendolia and Tiffany Garriga that their opponent in the Democratic primary for Second Ward alderman, Dewan Sarowar, no longer lived in the Second Ward. Late last night, I received this statement from Sarowar as a comment. It has been published as a comment, but I publish it again here.
I bought the house in Greenport for future investment. And if you didn't know, I also have a house in Catskill. I have lived in 9 Columbia Street since 2006 with my family and the names you mentioned are my family members. Prior to that, I also lived with my family at 39 Columbia Street from 1996 to 2006. I have always been living in 2nd Ward and still live here. Lots of the 2nd Ward voters know me very well and my history of residency. Some people are making a big deal out of it trying to make me down. Whoever gave this information isn't right. I hope 2nd Ward voters make the right decision on election day September 12th. And thank you Virginia for pointing out that information. If you want more information about my residency in hudson you can look at my phone and electric bills here: https://m.imgur.com/a/vgVDy
If any of you want to know more about this situation you can contact me. For your information, the picture you provided for 9 Columbia Street is the wrong house.
Dewan A. Sarowar
On the topic of the picture of the house, I must admit that I didn't take it myself. I Googled 9 Columbia Street, and the picture used is the one that came up. It seems that the picture published yesterday is actually 7 Columbia Street. This I believe is 9 Columbia Street.


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  1. If this is true that would mean that Mr. Sarowar has illegally taken a STAR exemption for which he had to indicate that the house in Greenport was his primary residence. Good to know.