Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Don't Miss Out This Time

It's not often that life offers you a second chance, but if you couldn't get it together to organize a team and rig up a bed for the 2017 Hudson Bed Races, you are getting a rare second chance, so don't squander it. 

Originally scheduled for Saturday, September 23, the bed races, a grand Hudson tradition which made a comeback in 2016 after some thirty years, had to be rescheduled because, remarkably, unthinkably, only one bed had been registered for the race. The new date is Saturday, October 21, a date that promises crisp and bracing weather for running down Front Street and gives you three long weeks to coerce your friends, outfit your bed, and get ready to be part of this bizarre competition. Think of it as your duty to keep a wacky Hudson tradition alive. If at least six beds don't sign up, the Hudson Bed Races may just go away for another thirty years. 

Click here for more information and to register your team.


  1. Any gossip available that a possible protest by bed racers of Hudson occurred due, please forgive me, of the race location, as in NOT on Warren St.

    1. i bet the 400 block would have welcomed this event