Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's Not Over Until It's Over

Today, a week after the primary election, the absentee ballots were counted, and Gossips can now report the outcomes in the only races that were too close to call on election night: the supervisor and alderman races in the Fourth Ward. With the results still unofficial, and with one absentee ballot still set aside and hence uncounted, the total votes--from the machine and absentee ballots--are as follows:

Linda Mussmann     109
William Hughes     107
(The machine count was Mussmann 87; Hughes 72)

Lauren Scalera     100
Rich Volo     104
John Rosenthal     107
(The machine count was Scalera 67; Volo 84; Rosenthal 81)

Mussmann also bested Hughes in the Independence Party "Opportunity to Ballot" (OTB), getting 3 votes to Hughes's 2.

Despite the fact that they lost the Democratic primary, Hughes and Scalera will both be on the ballot in November, on the Republican and the Conservative lines. 

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