Monday, October 22, 2018

A Trendy Concept That So Far Has Missed Us

The Saratogian reported yesterday that a cat cafe will soon be opening in Troy: "Meong Cat Lounge set to open next year in Collar City." The announcement inspired me to want to know more about the "trendy cat cafe concept" making its way around the world.

Photo: TripAdvisor
The first cat cafe opened in Taipei in 1998. Initially found primarily in Taiwan and Japan, cat cafes have since opened in different locations around the world. Earlier this year, on International Cat Day,  the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a list of the best cat cafes in the United States: "The cat's meow: 14 of the best cat cafes in the US." Only one of the fourteen is in New York: Koneko Cat Cafe on Clinton Street in New York City.

The idea of a cat cafe is that it's a place where you can hang out, have coffee or tea, maybe wine, and a snack, in the company of lots of cats, all of whom are usually available for adoption. Patrons can enjoy the de-stressing company of cats and maybe even meet the special cat they would like to go home with. Sounds like a nice idea. 

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