Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Following the CFA Process

At the beginning of the month, the Capital Region Economic Development Council released its 2018 Progress Report. Among other things, the report names the proposed Priority Projects for this year's round of CFA (Consolidated Funding Application) grants. Two of those projects are right here in Hudson--indeed in the DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) BRIDGE District. 

One of the projects we already know about. It's the Kite's Nest North Bay ReGeneration project, which is already getting $550,000 in DRI funding and is seeking another $220,000 in CFA grants. The entire cost of the project is expected to be about $1.5 million. (See page 78 of the 2018 Progress Report.)

The other project is one we haven't heard of yet, involving this building across the street from the train station.

The project, which is being proposed by a group called South Front Street Holdings LLC, is called Red Barn Hudson. The following description of the project is reproduced exactly as it was received by Gossips
RED BARN HUDSON, encompassing a year round Farm & Flea marketplace, a full-service restaurant + grab & go cafe, will be a new destination for Hudson in the heart of the DRI District, showcasing + celebrating Hudson Valley talent + creativity, + serving as a gateway to the broader region. Directly across from Amtrak (3rd busiest NYS station) + the first sight visitors will see, RBH will be a dynamic, year-round creative hub, to encourage new + repeat visitors to Hudson/the region all year long. RBH will act as a welcome center + a vital gateway to the region; a creative hub of makers, collectors, chefs + farmers, expanding tourism by introducing visitors to the bounty of the region, building interest that will lead visitors out into the broader region, + facilitating a broad experience. With Hudson Farm & Flea (developed in collaboration with Basilica Hudson + inspired by Basilica Farm & Flea that welcome 20K visitors to Hudson each year for 2 events) plus a 50-seat restaurant w/ outdoor courtyard seating area + event space, + grab & go market, selling quick bites/reading materials for train travelers + quick meals for shoppers.
The announcement of CFA grant awards is expected to be made in December.

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