Thursday, October 18, 2018

Something Not Entirely Unforeseen

This afternoon, HudsonValley360 reported that the Galvan Motel on Route 9 in Greenport would not be completed on schedule: "Galvan Motel construction delayed until December." According to First Ward supervisor Sarah Sterling, deputy chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, the delay is attributed to "complications with the septic." Back in March, Tom Alvarez, who owns properties that border the motel site on their east and south sides, raised questions about water and drainage, asserting that the motel's well and septic tank were more than sixty years old. Dan Kent, director of initiatives for the Galvan Foundation, assured Alvarez that the project engineer and the Greenport building inspector were addressing all the issues. It appears doing so is taking longer than expected.

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  1. As I recall, the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) was evaded because the neighbors challenging the action fixated on the wrong government entity as the likely lead agency. IMO, the responsibility rested with the county not the town.

    Despite a State-listed tributary cutting through the Galvan property (and Alvarez's property too), without a SEQR review Mr. Kent's assurances that Greenport is addressing all water and drainage issues is the fox guarding the henhouse. Who will ever know if the septic system is in compliance with NYS environmental regulations?