Monday, October 29, 2018

Time and Again

Yesterday, while consulting the 1918 Hudson City Directory to confirm the location of Charles Macy's lumberyard, I decided to scroll through the directory looking for advertisements. (Advertisements in old directories are often accompanied by images of places of business not found elsewhere.) On the back cover, I found an ad for Jennie R. Denegar Real Estate at 35 South Fifth Street. The ad included an image of 35 South Fifth Street, the location of her real estate business. The image is evidence that the house has changed remarkably little in the past hundred years.

My curiosity about Jennie R. Denegar was piqued by discovering, also in the Hudson City Directory, that in 1918 she was the only woman real estate agent in Hudson, but my research uncovered more about her father-in-law, Edmund Denegar, than I did about her or her husband, George. Edmund Denegar was a well known, highly respected, and eminently successful carpenter and contractor in Hudson. It was Edmund who built 35 South Fifth Street for himself and his family in 1888. On October 15, 1888, this item appeared in the Hudson Evening Register.

Edmund Denegar's obituary, which appeared in the Columbia Republican on February 14, 1908, makes mention of the major projects he completed in Hudson and elsewhere in the Hudson Valley.


Some investigation discovered other projects undertaken by Edmund Denegar in Hudson, which will be the topic of subsequent posts.

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