Monday, April 8, 2019

From Six Ways to Thirteen Ways

Today, Matthew Frederick published an update to his post "One way to stop the Stewart's proposal and six ways to make it better." In this post, he makes thirteen specific suggestions to improve on the Stewart's proposal. To study Frederick's update, click here

Many of the improvements involve trees and hedges and ground cover, and sadly we have some familiarity with Stewart's track record with landscaping. 



  1. (re. the landscaping comment) Isn't that his point? If the city of Hudson took some or all of these ideas to heart and required some decently sized, mature trees and more generous landscaping as part of the deal/approval, we would have more than the lonliest hosta.
    And by my count, only three of the thirteen points are about trees and hedges and groundcover.

  2. Yes I would agree, particularly in this age of environmental crisis and global warming, landscaping and tree planting requirements are something that is lacking in the building permit process. Any approved building plan should have a landscaping component and depending on the size and location of the parcel should have tree planting and landscaping requirements for the approval of any building or renovation plan.

  3. Every 100,000 gallons of gas sold generates $64,100 in motor fuel tax revenue.

    1. Sales tax revenues allocated to the county are apportioned to the county's municipalities based upon their populations; not upon the location of the business collecting the tax. Thus, the loss of every residential unit in the City of Hudson negatively affects the sales tax revenue the City receives.

    2. Guess the wizards of 5th & Warren are going to "shrink" us into prosperity.

  4. The Planning Board has the authority to prescribe planting and landscaping requirements for the applicant's plan, and to make these requirements a condition of any approval granted by the Board. Once again, we must look to the Planning Board to fully and diligently exercise its proper function as to all aspects of the applicant's plan.