Monday, April 15, 2019

Meetings of Interest in the Week Ahead

The week, which begins, for those procrastinators among us, with filing tax returns, is filled with meetings, right up until Friday, which is Good Friday and hence meeting free. For those who may have read Gossips' earlier post about HDC but not the comments, the special HDC meeting scheduled for today at noon has been canceled. Here's what remains on the schedule for the week.
  • On Monday, April 15, the Zoning Board of Appeals will hold public hearings on two projects: a garage to be constructed on Partition Street behind 230 Allen Street, which requires area variances for setbacks and lot coverage; and the restaurant and grab-and-go cafe proposed for 60 South Front Street, which requires area variances for offstreet parking. The public hearings begin at 6 p.m. in City Hall. 
  • Also on Monday, April 15, Hudson-Creative is holding a public forum to discuss its makerspace project and how to make it happen. The forum takes place at 6 p.m. in the Community Room at the Hudson Area Library.  
  • On Tuesday, April 16, the Common Council Finance Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. The agenda for that meeting is available here. At 6:45 p.m., there is a Common Council public hearing on the City's current Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project: the ongoing $600,000 stormwater separation project. At 7 p.m., the Council holds its regular monthly meeting. Where the public hearing and the Council meeting will be held has not yet been announced. The informal meeting last Monday took place in the Community Room at Bliss Towers because Alderman Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward) has had further surgery on the ankle she injured last spring and is once again in a wheelchair.
  • On Wednesday, April 17, the Common Council Public Works and Parks Committee meets at 5:15 p.m. The location of the meeting has not been announced.
  • On Thursday, April 18, the Common Council Economic Development Committee meets at 6 p.m. The expectation is that this meeting will take place in City Hall. 

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