Monday, April 15, 2019

More About Those Nudes

My post on Saturday about the Bruce Gagnier sculptures at the train station proved more provocative than anticipated. John Davis, whose gallery represents the sculptor, canceled his ad on Gossips, and there were a spate of comments, most from people declaring their fondness and admiration for the sculptures. This morning, Linda Mussmann helpfully provided the answer to the question--or at least part of the question--that was the principal intent of the post: How is it being determined what art gets displayed at this site and elsewhere in Hudson? Her statement follows:
I take responsibility for the art work at the train station.
I have had a long time relationship with the Amtrak station, and they have been generous to permit me to place things at the station. I have worked with John Davis Gallery to make this happen. So this can make all complaints and compliments go in my direction.
Mussmann can be contacted at


  1. As of a few minutes ago the previous post showed nine (9) comments in support of the sculpture and three (3) who don't like it. The Gossips post itself was quoting a fourth, but only to ask the question who chooses the art at the station (now answered).

    You'd think that nine to three (/4) ain't bad for Mr. Davis to want to continue advertising here, but it appears that diversity in matters of taste is not his thing as long as our total allegiance to his artists is.

  2. I appreciate these statues at the Amtrak Station and love the idea that we have public art placed without cost to the taxpayer. More please!