Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Because of Snow and Holidays

Gossips has received word that the following Common Council committee meetings have been canceled--in this week and the coming weeks.
  • Wednesday, December 4  Youth, Education, Seniors and Recreation
  • Monday, December 9  Economic Development  
  • Wednesday, December 18  Public Works and Parks
  • Monday, December 23  Fire and Police  


  1. Why were the meetings close to Christmas even scheduled if they're just going to cancel them? Why no DPW meeting a week before holidays -- what's Mr. Perry's excuse? Maybe I'll ask at the next meeting in January or February -- oh, why bother, there's never any time for public comment. His MO: cancel a meeting so that the following meeting is too long to allow any public comment. He loves the PUBLIC!

    1. To be fair, it is the committee chair who cancels a meeting not the person who presents a report at that meeting. On the question of why bother to schedule a meeting if it's just going to be canceled: Common Council committee meetings are listed on the city calendar for the entire year as soon as the committee decides on a day and time for its regular monthly meeting.