Friday, December 20, 2019

No Life Without Change

This building at 757 Columbia Street has seen a fair amount of change in the past decade.

In 2012, Stoddard Corner Bookshop opened there--a shop dealing in rare books and New York ephemera, with an adjacent lecture hall and assembly space called Hudson Chautauqua. Sad to say, Stoddard Corner closed in the middle of 2014.

In 2015, a new enterprise took over the space: House Rules Cafe, the Hudson Valley's first board game cafe. Gossips has enjoyed Scrabble games, nights of Match Game with Trixie Starr, and vegetarian Reuben sandwiches (my favorite) at House Rules Cafe, and Joey has savored their doggy ice cream, but alas, earlier this month, Kathleen Miller, the proprietor of this inventive venue, announced that House Rules Cafe would be closing its doors on Monday, December 23--a sad loss for Hudson. 

While we mourn the loss of House Rules Cafe, we anticipate the building's next iteration. Yesterday, Dana Johnson announced that Relish, once located on South Front Street and now located in Catskill and called Relish Delights, is coming back to Hudson. Its new location on this side of the river will be none other than 757 Columbia Street!

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