Saturday, December 21, 2019

Over at the Landfill

Anyone who has ventured to the north end of Second Street lately has undoubtedly noticed that the methane vent tubes dotting the capped landfill have been wrapped to resemble candy canes. The following press release, received this morning, explains the project.

Artful Trash Management is decorating for the holidays—turning methane vents into candy canes on the North Bay landfill, Hudson, New York. Red ribbons and yellow "Caution" tape transform exhaling methane vent tubes into candy canes. The work on this 40-acre art installation is being done with elves. Yes, helper elves! Orchestrated by philosopher Bob Johnson, Ph.D., visionary behind Artful Trash Management (ATM).
Artful Trash Management is a body of thought. RiverCubes are works of philosophy designed to change the way we relate to—and therefore understand—waste streams of our own production. Changing the way well-meaning folks generally do river clean-up—by eliminating the use of dumpsters too often sent to landfills—ATM conspires sea change in the ways we produce and consume as a culture.
ATM and RiverCubes began on Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers and the Connecticut River Watershed and continues in the Hudson Valley. Over the last decade Johnson has been practicing “rivercube reconnaissance” from Gowanus Canal to Albany. He is a repeat activist exhibitor at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival.
Call 412.302.3700 for an appointment, a guided tour, and directions to this ongoing art installation—participate in this work of philosophy!

A post-holiday event is planned at the landfill for January 10 and 11 called "Moon After Yule Viewing." "MoonRiseEve" takes place on January 10, "MoonSetDawn" on January 11.

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  1. Perhaps instead of decorating these methane vents we should be questioning the release of methane at all. Why isn’t this very destructive gas being captured instead of becoming a Christmas ornament?? Mark Orton