Tuesday, December 24, 2019

News for Folks Who Need Gas for the Holiday

This morning, as I was returning from the supermarket, an over-sized pickup truck exiting Stewart's pulled out in front of my little car as I approached the corner of Fairview Avenue and Green Street. The incident distracted me, and I missed noticing that the pumps are in place, and Stewart's is once again selling gas--just in time for Christmas. Gossips got the news this afternoon from Chuck Marshall.


  1. I hear that that exit is extremely dangerous, especially if you are exiting Stewarts and trying to turn onto Fairview Ave.

  2. well, now that construction is winding down, let's see what STEWART's does about "improving" the intersection, which was part of the deal with the City. Or will it just be forgotten about and given up? Cus whatever they try to do to improve that intersection for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists, it will not be easy. BILL HUSTON

  3. Building the new Stewart’s was just an excuse to expand their beer section, otherwise they pretty much stock the same things that they did before, just more of it, and more spread out. They took down 3 buildings so that they could stock more 2 liters of soda. I thought that they said they would be selling more groceries, and (god forbid) some healthy options?