Tuesday, May 4, 2021

COVID-19 Update

Is the pandemic over? The Columbia County Department of Health appears to have stopped reporting the number of new cases of COVID-19, the number county residents in mandatory quarantine, hospitalized, or in the ICU, and the number of deaths from COVID-19. The New York State Department of Health COVID-19 Tracker, however, is reporting that on Saturday, May 1, there were 9 new cases of COVID-19, for a positivity rate of 4.8 percent; on Sunday, May 2, there were 4 new cases, for a positivity rate of 1 percent; and on Monday, May 3, there were 6 new cases, for a positivity rate of 1.8 percent. 

It isn't over until it's over.

Update: A press release just received from Matt Murell, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, shares this information:
As of midday Tuesday, the Columbia County Department of Health had recorded nine new positive cases of COVID-19. There were two new cases on Saturday, and 14 cases combined between Sunday and Monday. County DOH Director Jack Mabb said the infection rate in the county remains “very constant.” 
One death attributed to COVID-19 on Monday brings to 94 the number of virus deaths in the county since the pandemic’s beginning. There are currently no county residents hospitalized as a result of the virus.


  1. Here in New York, it’s almost over. “Come out, come out wherever you are”. I got both of my shots, I’m guessing that most people here got their’s too. Time to stop obsessing already. Get out of the house! It is Spring, and the goat-footed balloon man whistles far and wee.

  2. It isn't over til the entire planet is immune to this thing. It is a GLOBAL EPIDEMIC, after all.

  3. It is only partially over which is kinda not over.......I mean I do not feel free to use commercial airlines and travel freely about most of the world and this hemisphere yet. If it was over I would visit friends in Western Europe and other spots further afield.