Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Status of the Ferry Street Bridge

In October, it will be seven years since the Ferry Street Bridge was closed to vehicular traffic. 

In April 2016, Mayor Tiffany Martin announced that funds had been secured to rebuild the bridge through the NYS Department of Transportation's Region 8 office. In October 2018, a public meeting was held by Mayor Rick Rector to present the preliminary design for the new bridge. At that time, it was believed that the new bridge was only two years away. But alas, October 2020 came and went, and there is no new bridge.

Various delays and a global pandemic have prevented the original schedule from being met, but progress on the bridge continues. In his monthly report to the Common Council on Monday, Rob Perry, DPW superintendent, provided an update on the bridge. The Advanced Detail Plan will be submitted to the DOT by the engineer next week. Perry commented that when that happens we will be 60 to 75 percent through the process. The next step is the final design, which will involve more public engagement.

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