Thursday, October 21, 2021

County Building to Remain Closed Until Monday

Initially, it was to be closed for only a day, but an hour or so ago it was announced that the Columbia County Health and Human Services building, at 325 Columbia Street, will remain closed until Monday, October 25. The reasons given for the prolonged closure are "positive COVID exposures and an abundance of caution."


  1. I had an exposure a few weeks ago, and I was told to wear a mask when indoors. Do our county workers have a different set of rules, or is “an abundance of caution” code for not many people are vaccinated at 325 Columbia?

  2. Masks are worn at all county buildings, most employees are vaccinated. There is a lot of Infection going around. People certainly don’t get as sick if they are vaccinated. 325 gets a lot of clients with the Board of Health, Healthcare Consortium and Mental Health in that building so we are being as protective as possible. No code involved just keeping us safe.

  3. There are a lot of new cases everyday. It seems that quite a lot of people are not being careful. Regretful and thoughtless.