Thursday, October 20, 2022

What's Planned for Charles Williams Park

At the Common Council meeting on Tuesday night, before voting on a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a grant agreement with the Eutopia Foundation for $350,000 to fund the project, the Council heard a presentation on the changes that are planned for Charles Williams Park. The focus is on five elements: (1) a redesigned Play Zone with a whale-shaped water feature;

(2) an Active Zone, of which a basketball court is the centerpiece;

(3) a redesigned Central Gathering Area, which will include chess tables;

(4) a Fitness Zone, where the $30,000 Fitness Court will be located;

and (5) a wheelchair accessible Circulation path around the park.

The following image shows how all the elements fit together.

Given the recent experience with the entrance to Promenade Hill, when the money from the Downtown Redevelopment Initiative (DRI) grant proved not to be enough to realize the improvements planned, councilmembers asked what would happen if the $350,000 grant from the Eutopia Foundation proved to be insufficient. They were told that additional funding would be sought from sources other than the City.


  1. Was there discussion about how the truly bad water drainage issue in the park is going to be solved first, who will do the work and how much it will cost? Nothing else should be planned or started until the drainage issue is solved for certain.
    B Huston

  2. That was the local Bangladeshi communities Cricket field. I wonder where they will go play Cricket now?