Tuesday, April 1, 2014

About the New York State Budget

Assemblymember Didi Barrett announced today that the final 2014-2015 state budget includes more than $160 million in funding for Columbia and Dutchess county school districts in her assembly district. Receiving the largest percentage increase, although not the largest actual amount, is the Hudson City School District, which will receive $16,843,065 in state aid, a 7.46 percent increase over the previous year.  The entire press release can be read here.  


  1. Great news! So this means our school taxes won't have to go up again this year.
    Oh Sorry, forgot it's April fools day...

  2. Unfortunately, it looks like the RS has overstated the YoY increase in state aid to the HCSD by $15+ million. We don't have final figures yet, but we're hoping to have everything sorted out and posted online by this Friday.

    1. @Tiffany--The amount I quote comes from the press release. Unfortunately, the Register-Star makes it sound as though HCSD is getting $16.8 million more than before, but in fact, as I understand it, $16.8 is the total amount, which represents a 7.46 percent increase.