Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Endangered Building in Hudson's East End

This notice was posted recently on 723 Warren Street, which was once upon a time the Park Theater.

Curious to know the circumstances and the nature of the building's problem, Gossips called code enforcement officer Craig Haigh and was told that "half the foundation" has caved in, the whole building is leaning, and it is being propped up with hydraulic supports. Haigh has issued an order to remedy and is now waiting for an engineer's report and a plan from the owner outlining how the building will be repaired. In Haigh's opinion, although the building is structurally compromised, it can be fixed and stabilized.

The building is in the locally designated Warren Street Historic District so it is hoped that the Historic Preservation Commission will be paying close attention, as will Gossips, to what happens with this building.

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  1. The work order/permit spotted on 04/30/14 says that the first floor will be demolished and the 2nd and 3rd floors :as needed." Call me hopeless, but I don't understand how the word demolished is being used here as applied to a condemned building...is demolished short-hand for a gut-renovation with down-to-the-studs ripping out...or does it mean the whole building will be knocked down/razed?