Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tomorrow on WGXC

On Wednesday morning, on his radio show @Issue, Victor Mendolia and his co-host Debora Gilbert will be speaking with Sherry Wykoff about the HRHCare (Hudson River Health Care) facility that opened recently at 750 Union Street.

Some readers may remember the name Hudson River Health Care from last fall, when the proposal to transform the Hudson Armory into the Galvan Community Center was before the Planning Commission. During the public hearing, it was suggested the Hudson River Health Care was the proposed tenant for the "medical wing" to be constructed on the west side of the building, on the footprint of the 1950s garage. 

A commenter at the public hearing speculated that Galvan needed a health care provider in the building to get tax credits and make their financing work. With HRHCare establishing a facility elsewhere in Hudson, one wonders what, if anything, that means for Galvan's Armory project. Will Galvan be seeking some other health care provider to occupy the "medical wing," or is 750 Union just a temporary location for HRHCare until the new addition to the Armory is completed? It's not likely these questions will be addressed tomorrow, since the conversation will probably focus on the services provided, but you never know. They might.

Another guest on tomorrow's @Issue will be Cyndy Hall, chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee, who is expected to talk about the already sold out Martin Van Buren Awards Dinner (Congressional candidate Sean Eldridge is the guest speaker) and the upcoming political races.

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