Thursday, April 3, 2014

Turn Your Radio On

Today, on the Thursday Afternoon Show, from 4 to 6 on WGXC, Ellen Thurston and Tom DePietro will be interviewing Damara Stolfo and Sarah Dibben about Hudson Praxis, the initiative to create an aquarium/maritime museum in the former Dunn warehouse building, former gasification works at the Hudson waterfront. WGXC is at 90.7 FM, or you can listen online.

An indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 to fund a feasibility study for the project is currently underway and continues throughout the month of April. On Monday, a film that has been created about the project will be released. Gossips will have more about that when the time comes.


  1. A most enjoyable interview!

    I was curious about the talk of qualifying for the "next" round of funding in the Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) program.

    The Dunn warehouse building was included in the city's 2012 application for a BOA grant, but today I see that the DEC has taken down its page listing Hudson among the runners-up.

    Does anyone know whether the city's BOA application failed? That would be the kind of news some people would prefer to keep a lid on.

  2. Hudson is not listed among the grant recipients of the state's 2013 round of Brownfield Opportunity Areas program funding, so this morning the question was submitted to the NYS DOS:

    "Did Hudson's 2012 BOA application fail?"

    This was a sizable program with a public participation component and a public hearing. It dovetailed with elements of two other major programs, the LWRP and Long Term Control Plan, both of which required significant public participation and both of which arguably failed in that regard (as did the BOA program).

    So if Hudson's 2012 BOA application failed in 2013, how is it possible that residents still don't know about it?

    Do we accept it as a foregone conclusion that news about programs which failed the state's expectations of public participation (and program applications which may have failed on these very grounds) is not newsworthy for residents?

    The extent to which City Hall has failed to come clean about the results of the BOA application isn't just evidence of exclusion, it actually reinforces and deepens the problem.