Monday, April 28, 2014

Courthouse Watch

The construction fence came down around the courthouse this morning, making it easier to to compare the vision with the reality.

There is still work to be done--finishing touches on the ramp, installing the restored torchรจres, removing the ugly air raid siren (but that last thing is wishful thinking). Public Works Commissioner David Robinson told the Historic Preservation Commission on Friday that construction would be over in May, but it will be the end of October before the new windows are installed, so presumably the building will not be seat of justice for Columbia County again until early November.

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  1. The drawing of the proposed courthouse rehab you show is, technically, accurate, but it is a view from a hundred yards away and about 20-feet high. When walking by the pedestals on the ramp are huge and, even in your picture, Carole, much more pronounced than they should be. Alas.