Thursday, April 24, 2014

Building a Municipal Network

The City of Hudson's contract with Mid-Hudson Cable for providing cable TV service in the city expires in the summer of 2015, and that approaching deadline has inspired John Friedman, Third Ward alderman and chair of the Legal Committee, to begin considering and exploring options. At last night's Legal Committee meeting, Friedman shared his preliminary thoughts about building a municipal fiber network that would provide phone, cable TV, and Internet access to homes and businesses. He stressed the importance of high capacity, reliable Internet access for the businesses that exist in Hudson now and for the kinds of businesses we would like to attract, but he also pointed out that everyone in the city has an interest in the affordable, reliable delivery of at least one of the three: telephone, cable TV, or data.

Not fully understanding what's involved in creating a community network, Gossips searched on the Internet and discovered a webinar on the topic, produced back in 2012 by the National League of Cities Center for Research and Innovation. Considering that it's two years old, it's not exactly cutting edge, but for those with a little time to devote to watching it and an interest in knowing what's being considered, it provides some useful background: "How a Municipal Network Can Help Your City."

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