Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Embrace Spring, Celebrate the Ramp

Ramp Fest 2014, the culinary revel in the early edibles of spring, is just days away--on Saturday, May 3. Gossips has gotten word of what some of the chefs are preparing for this gustatory rite of spring. So to stimulate your palate, here's the list:

Ramp blini with ramp cured smoked trout & ramp Kim chi--Another Fork in the Road, Chef Jamie Parry
Ramp butter puff pastry pigs in a blanket with ramp relish--Bonfiglio & Bread, Chef Gaby Gulielmetti
Grilled ramp polenta with goat cheese and ramp pesto tapanade with Hudson Valley Foie Gras smoked duck--Ca' Mea, Chef Timothy Storrs
Country terrine, pickled ramps, buckwheat crisp--The Farm on Adderley, Chef Tom Kearney
Bluefish with creme fraiche, beets, ramp and duck skin--Fresh Company, Chef Shelley Boris
Savory tart with ramp pesto, pickled ramps, and Parmigiano--Gigi Hudson Valley, Chefs Wilson Costa & Laura Pensiero
Ramp and goat cheese custard, Carolina rice, ramp-walnut pesto--The Heath and Gallow Green at the McKettrick Hotel, Chef R. L. King
Grilled ramps folded with Anson Mills grits with Rawson Brook Farm goat cheese topped with smoked tomato aioli--Helsinki Hudson, Chef Hugh Horner 
Ramp greens-pressed house-made High Lawn Farm ricotta-Pigasso Farm smoked ham terrine, ramp-pepitas pesto, Mill River Farm micro greens--John Andrews Farmhouse, Chef Dan Smith 
Fava bean and ramp hummus with rhubarb-ramp confiture--Lucas Confectionary, Chef Mike Rock 
Salmon tartar with ramp pesto and crostini--Market Street, Chef Gianni Scappin
Baby quiche with ramps, local eggs, and Von Trapp Oma cheese--Route 7 Grill, Chef Christophe Jalbert
Fresh mozzarella, grilled ramp salsa verde, grilled asparagus and portabella, lavender lemon preserve--Speedy Romeo, Chef Justin Bazdarich
House-cured bacon, tomato confit, ramp mayo, sauteed ramps on a challah roll--Swoon, Chef Ryan McLaughlin
For those more inspired by pictures of food than by verbal descriptions, here are some of the delectable comestibles offered at last year's Ramp Fest.

Ramp Fest 2014 takes place at Basilica Hudson from 12 noon until 4 p.m. Click here for more information and to secure your tickets.

Photos by Richard A. Smith


  1. I love ramp, but don't forget about the Children's Book Festival, the largest in New York State, also on May 3. At Hudson High.

  2. The Sloop Eleanor's restoration project is holding a yard sale on Saturday, too, 9:30am-2pm, at the Greenport Fire Station on Route 23B. Lots to do that day!