Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sure Signs We Made It Through the Too Long Winter

There are daffodils and pansies in the window boxes at LICK, and a little sign in the window that announces this news--welcome to all (William included) who yearn for ice cream when the temperature rises above 60 degrees:
The first weekend of May brings not only the return of ice cream at LICK on Friday, May 2, but also Ramp Fest 2014 at Basilica Hudson on Saturday, May 3. As in the past, this year's celebration of the ramp, the cousin of garlic and onion that possesses, according to legend and myth, the power to drive away the ailments of winter, brings together an impressive group of chefs--from the Hudson Valley, New York City, and the Berkshires: Jeff Gimmel of Swoon Kitchenbar, Jamie Parry of Another Fork in the Road, Gaby Gulielmetti of Bonfiglio & Bread, Timothy Storrs of Ca' Mea, Tom Kearney of The Farm on Adderley, Shelley Boris of Fresh Company, Wilson Costa of Gigi Hudson Valley, R. L. King of Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel, Hugh Horner of Helsinki Hudson, John Andrews of John Andrews Farmhouse, Mike Rock of Lucas Confectionery, Gianni Scappin of Market Street, Rei Peraza of Panzur, Christophe Jalbert of Route 7 Grill, and Justin Bazdarich of Speedy Romeo. Visit the Ramp Fest website for more information and to purchase tickets.

Photo credit: Richard A. Smith

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