Monday, April 7, 2014

Following Up with the Half Moon

It seems the news that the Half Moon was going to make its permanent home in Troy was greatly exaggerated. Reliable sources indicate that there are no such plans. The basis for the idea may have been that a couple of years ago the City of Troy received a grant from Hudson River Valley Greenway to have the Half Moon moored on its waterfront for a while during the summer. Gossips' highly reliable sources indicate that the Half Moon is still without a permanent home or any firm plans for acquiring one.
Photograph of the Half Moon borrowed from Riverkeeper


  1. If we had to make a choice, who'd exchange The Spirit of Hudson for the Half Moon?

    Let's take an informal vote for the benefit of our fearless and deaf leaders.

  2. River city being miss-(Roberts)-managed by land lubbers! Striper are beginning to run and what does the council do??? Form a board to study the ancient use of shore...

    Widen the wharf until the Half Moon fits...Problem is the city doesn't know to how run a wharf without Moore tax.

    1 Riparian

  3. why a choice? doesn't the "friendly city" extend to the waterfront? expand the docks and put in parking meters...that should solve all our economic woes !