Sunday, April 6, 2014

You Can't Get There from Here . . . Not on Foot

Gossips has received word that the pedestrian bridge adjacent to the Ferry Street Bridge has been cordoned off. There is no word at present about whether this action was caused by a specific incident or just general concern for public safety, nor do we know anything about plans to repair the pedestrian walkway.

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  1. Hudson residents routinely maintain the Ferry Street Bridge, which includes repairs to both the walkway and the deck, and removal of poison ivy from beneath the stairs each June.

    The Mayor, the DPW Supervisor, and the Common Council are each aware that the "Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973" placed ownership of the Ferry Street Bridge in a perpetual limbo, under which Congress released Amtrak from any obligation to maintain such bridges.

    So what's the city's plan? If repairing the vehicle deck is too big a project for Hudson, then why can't we at least maintain the walkway?

    Is the city willing to spring for a few sheets of plywood, or is there an ulterior motive for inconveniencing residents?

    The city should do its utmost to preserve pedestrian access to the river (at least!), when it's clear that anything Amtrak might do for us would be done out of charity.

    A stubborn huff will get us nowhere, but that may actually be the city's aim.

  2. We should cordon off City Hall to prevent any further damage to this town by the mayor and the Common Council until they show some care and real solutions for the positive benefit of this community and no longer for the chosen few.

    1. most excellent suggestion. I "Like" it.