Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What's That Name Again?

This morning, a reader tipped me off to a little item that appeared in last week's Columbia Paper, reporting on the decision to drop Henry from the new name for the Hudson Opera House announced ten days earlier.

According to this, "The renovated upstairs venue, to be opened for the first time in 55 years, will be Hudson Hall, at the Hudson Opera House." That's what some believe, and that's what many could live with, but is it really the case?

Also this morning, the beloved cultural center at 327 Warren Street issued a press release announcing its inaugural season of performances. The headline reads: "Hudson Hall christens newly restored theater with a season of performers redefining classical music." The final paragraph, which provides information about the venue, reads as follows:
Hudson Hall is a cultural beacon in the Hudson Valley, offering a dynamic year-round schedule of music, theater, dance, literature, workshops for youth and adults, as well as family programs and large-scale community events such as Winter Walk. Located in an historic landmark that houses New York State’s oldest surviving theater, Hudson Hall reopens following a yearlong historic restoration with an inaugural season beginning in spring 2017. The newly restored Hudson Hall reflects Hudson's rich history in a modern facility that welcomes residents and visitors from throughout our local community, across the nation, and around the globe. 
In this statement, Hudson Hall seems at one time to refer to the entire building and at another only to the theater. Interestingly, the name Hudson Opera House appears only once in the press release, when Gary Schiro is identified as "Executive Director of Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House."


  1. The Hudson Opera House is dead.

    It was killed by those trying to resuscitate it.

    Henry Hall doesn't exist either. It has no history nor past but is a charade imposed on the unsuspecting.

    Obituary soon to be published.

  2. Funny that the little article identifies Gary Schiro as executive director of the Hudson Opera House. Even the newspaper doesn't know the correct name anymore!!!

  3. Seems like management at the HUDSON OPERA HOUSE is absolutely determined to continue making a mess of this issue.

  4. If any head should roll of the block at the "H O H " . It should be Henry"s