Thursday, April 20, 2017

Meanwhile, Back in Hudson

While many of us were in Greenport on Tuesday night, at the special informational meeting about Colarusso's proposed haul road, the Common Council held its regular monthly meeting. At that meeting, the Council passed a resolution, which originated with the Conservation Advisory Council, opposing the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline. Rosa Acheson has a report about it in the Register-Star: "Council votes to oppose Pilgrim."  

Map source: A Pipeline Runs Through It
The proposal is for two pipelines--one carrying crude oil and other carrying refined oil--between Albany and Linden, New Jersey. Seventy-nine percent of the pipelines would be located in the right-of-way of the  New York State Thruway, which George Pataki once called "New York's Main Street." The resolution passed by our Common Council on Tuesday calls upon the New York State Thruway Authority to reject the use of its right-of-way for the purpose of transporting gas and oil by pipeline and urges Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislature to oppose construction of the Pilgrim Pipeline. 

If you are not sure why the proposed pipeline is a bad idea and opposing it is a good thing, watch this video by Jon Bowermaster: A Pipeline Runs Through It. 

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