Sunday, April 2, 2017

Anchorage Update

While we in Hudson are focused on the Colarusso haul road and the threat more traffic to the dock, it's easy to lose sight of another Hudson River/Hudson Valley environmental issue: the proposed anchorage sites downriver. While the U.S. Coast Guard has not yet decided how to proceed with the proposal, Senator Sue Serino and Assemblymember Didi Barrett have introduced legislation in the NYS Senate and Assembly intended to safeguard the river. WAMC reported on that legislation yesterday: "HV State Lawmakers Take Aim Against Anchorage Site Proposal."

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  1. Hudsonians - and there were several - should be commended for submitting their thoughtful comments on this issue to the US Coast Guard.

    The proposed anchorages would be located well downriver from Hudson, but we have our own pending barge issues considering the Colarusso proposal.

    If it's the projected barge traffic which dictates the numbers of trucks anticipated in the proposal, it behooves the City to understand the limits, if any, on the number of barges the port can handle in any given year.

    Next, consider the number of barges the port may be able to handle in 10, 30, or 50 years.

    There may be limits on the capacity of a single rock crushing machine, but more machines can be purchased, the stockpiling of aggregate at the port is only limited by available space, and the mine already runs year-round.

    More aggregate = more barges = more trucks.

    This is not why people from Hudson commented on the downriver proposal, but we hope that sympathetic people downriver will remember us when we face our own barge-mooring challenges.