Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Finding a Place to Park

Last week, the Common Council passed a resolution to make a formal home rule request of the state legislature to establish a residential parking permit system for the area of Hudson surrounding Columbia Memorial Hospital. It is hoped this will solve the parking problems for residents whose parking spaces on the street are regularly taken up by hospital workers. But what about the hospital workers? Where are they supposed to park? 

In the past, the hospital rented the parking lot at the American Legion for its workers. Recently the property was sold, and that lot is no longer available. 

As an alternative to the American Legion lot, the hospital is now renting parking spaces for it workers in the lot behind the First Reformed Church on Green Street. While providing offsite parking, the hospital prohibits workers from parking in the existing parking garage during the daytime in order to keep those spaces free for people visiting doctors' offices and patients in the hospital. 

Even though the hospital is providing parking only a block away, it seems that hospital workers prefer driving around the neighborhood looking for a space on the street to parking in the lot. For whatever reason workers would rather park on the street than in the lot, things will become a lot more difficult for them when parking on the street will likely result in a $25 parking ticket.


  1. Well finally. Thank you Council. Our streets have been a free private parking lot for hospital workers for too long, i.e. Mckinstry, Rossman Ave, 800 block, etc. if you leave your spot in front of your house you can't get back in again til after 5.

  2. Maybe the Hospital should provide a shuttle bus for their employees to designated parking lots, at least until the new parking garage is constructed.