Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Great War: April 13, 1917

When I started this series on April 2, it was my intention to share items from the Hudson Evening Register that gave insight into what life in Hudson was like during the time that the United States was involved in World War I. Today's offering is not at all Hudson specific, but given the situation with our current president and his wife, I couldn't resist sharing it.

WASHINGTON, April 13--Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Mrs. Thomas R. Marshall and the wives of the Cabinet members, realizing some of the problems that this country will have to face during the war, have resolved to reduce their living to a simple form, and to deny themselves all unnecessary expenditures while it continues.
They have decided to omit the usual formal entertaining and calling and to eliminate largely their social activities so that they will be enabled to give more time and money to preparedness and relief work.
They pledge themselves to buy inexpensive clothing and simple food, and to prevent all kinds of waste.
They believe that the time and energy of the country should be given to the conservation of all its resources and the cultivation of all available land for the production of food, that it may be able to keep others in desperate need.
They make an appeal to all the women of America to do everything in their power along those lines and not only as individuals but by organizing to prevent actual suffering later on and to hasten the end of the struggle.

It's possible to make another comparison between 2017 and 1917. The traditional White House Easter Egg Roll is in serious jeopardy this year because of Melania Trump's reluctance to assume the traditional role of First Lady. In 1917, the White House Easter Egg Roll was canceled altogether, because the United States had just declared war on Germany.

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