Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Over the River and Through the Woods

Photo: Rural Intelligence
Today, Gaby and Rachel of Bonfiglio & Bread made a devastating announcement: they are closing their Hudson location in less than month, on May 8. They lost their lease at 748 Warren Street, and they are moving the bakery to Athens, where they plan to open in early summer. The announcement read in part:
We are expanding on our program adding a provisions section, espresso, a LICK ice cream kiosk, more lunch fare, prepared foods, beer and wine, and of course bread and pastries. There will be expanded seating. We will miss Hudson but are very excited about starting new in beautiful Athens. We are working on extending the ferry transport to Athens.
I hope we can still count on them to be at the Hudson Farmers Market!


  1. Moving the bakery to Athens is an interesting concept but leaving the city that made it all possible high and dry is not. Best of luck . Seriously.

  2. I wonder how high the rent is getting for retail space on Warren Street. If the average rent gets too high, we will wind up with chain stores like Starbucks, which have deep pockets.

  3. Apparently their move is fueled by the building they are is has been put in the market .

  4. So sorry to see you guys leave, what is wrong with the building owners in Hudson. You brought light and joy to the area every weekend with all of out of town customers, this really is ashame.