Sunday, April 30, 2017

Plenty of Fish from the Sea

There is a Seafood Buying Club in Hudson, a project of the Hudson Community Core Group (HCCG), which is being facilitated by Hawthorne Valley Association and Long Table Harvest. The fish is provided by Pura Vida Fisheries on Route 9 just north of Hudson and delivered every second and fourth Friday of the month to a tent outside Bruno's at 227 Warren Street. Fish must be pre-ordered by the previous Tuesday, using an order form that can be obtained at and returned to Bruno's or the West Indian Market at 222 Warren Street.

The fish include some of the usual varieties you'd expect--red snapper, salmon, shrimp--as well as fish that appear less frequently on restaurant menus: porgy, mackerel, whiting, bluefish, croaker, and spot. A flyer that includes the order form provides a description of each of these fish, all of which are abundant in our oceans, and with suggestions for preparing them. Here, for example, is the description of the porgy:
The porgy or scup is a salt-water pan fish. The fish is tender, flakey and mild in flavor. Preparation is best sauteed, baked, pan-fried, deep-fried or steamed. The porgy is sometimes called the Red Snapper of the Northeast.
All fish are sold whole, and there is an additional charge of 50 cents a pound for cleaning. Prices for the fish differ depending on whether your household income is below or above $50,000. For more information, stop by Bruno's or the West Indian Market and pick up a flyer.

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