Thursday, October 26, 2017

Meeting 4 with the Mayor Presumptive

On Tuesday night, Rick Rector held the fourth of his conversational meetings in the five wards of Hudson. This one, which took place in the community room at Crosswinds, drew a smaller crowd than some of the earlier meetings--notably the one in the First Ward and the Fourth Ward, but it demonstrated something that has been a theme of Rector's campaign: there is more that unites the city than divides it. Concerns voiced by residents of Green Street, Glenwood Boulevard, and Riverledge Road were similar to the concerns of people living on Union, Columbia, and State streets: speeding, truck traffic, and the consequent damage to the city's infrastructure.

Dan Udell was there once again to videotape the conversation. The video can be viewed by clicking here.


  1. 5th Ward residents complaining about trucks? Now we've heard it all!

    As the former dominance of the 5th Ward becomes a thing of the past, it's imperative that today's 5th Ward residents concerned about truck traffic and its impact on infrastructure understand that it was their Aldermen, Donahue and Pierro, who defeated a Council Resolution to seek a traffic study from Greenport for the Widewaters proposal in 2007 (Lowe's, Walmart, et al).

    To repeat, this was Resolution to request a study of the traffic outlook, and that is all.

    In the Common Council Minutes for January 16, 2007, Carmine Pierro (no longer an Alderman or a resident, though still a member of our Planning Board) "stated that with Lowe’s and Walmart opening up across the river 'I think you are going to see about a 30% drop in traffic out on Route 9.' He stated a lot of business on Route 9 was from across the river."

    Can we all now agree that Mr. Pierro was incorrect?

    Alderman Donahue who continues as 5th Ward Alderman [yes, read that again!] "stated the Council should not tell Greenport officials how to run their township."

    Along with the single vote of Mr. Shook, Aldermen Donahue and Pierro successfully committed the 5th Ward and the entire City to ignorance in the face of what would become a massive proliferation of truck traffic on the State truck route.

    With that sort of representation, anyone in the 5th Ward who continues to support people like Mr. Donahue deserves as many trucks as can be diverted in their direction.

  2. Voters do not have to support Mr. Donahue to be aware of the truck problem. First of all he has been in office way too long. Second a lot of the traffic problem is not located on Route 9. Yes Mr. O'Conner we have our problems in the 5th ward too. I wish I had been at the meeting I would have added my two cents.

    1. Yes, you have one very serious problem in the 5th Ward: Alderman Donahue.

      But to be fair, the Alderman has done us all a great service, too, inasmuch as his example provided a lot of the momentum which assured the success of the "Fair and Equal" campaign.

  3. I am a 5th ward resident I can only say the traffic on Glenwood is more closely related to a drag race than a residential neighborhood.

    It would be unfair for those of us trying to make a home here to be punished for poor management that was out of our control. I can only hope for better cooperation, and an interest in hearing the issues so we can resolve them. that impact each ward differently.

    And hopefully new representation as well!

  4. I finally had the chance to see the video of the meeting that was held this week. Thank you Mr. Udell for providing this service to the Hudson community. It seems if Mr Donahue is elected it will not be to represent the residents of the fifth ward but rather to serve Richard Scalera. Everyone should listen to his statement contained in the video. It is also too bad that people are afraid to run against the current supervisor (Scalera). I am sure it would not be difficult to beat him. Like Donahue he has been in office way too long.

    1. Rick Scalera submitted this reply:

      Prior to the wards being redistricted the 5th Ward the obvious largest ward in the city had over 2400 residents living in it and for the past 24 years voters have overwhelmingly said yes to Robert "Doc" Donahue for their alderman.
      That does not happen in small towns unless you are connected to your ward and someone who has served responsively and responsibly!
      True only the voters determine if they want change for any politician. Bob has been and continues to be someone that goes out of his way to make sure his constituents are served well. If OldtymeHudson truly has been around for Bob's time serving as Alderman they would laud him not criticize him.
      As for me I have never feared an opponent but quite frankly I wonder how many times you offered yourself to serve Hudson. Answer is clear....Never!

  5. Mr. Scalera- If you take the time to watch the video you will hear what I am talking about. When asked to introduce himself he spent most of the time talking about you and your accomplishments. He ends by saying when you needed a "yes" vote he made sure you got it.