Sunday, October 22, 2017

Seven Years Later

It's been seven years since Gossips first posted about the Academy Hill playground and the little stone building that provided a storage area for playground equipment and restrooms for the children who used the playground. 

Since that first post, Gossips has learned that the little building began its life as the Fred W. Jones Hose Company No. 6, named, by an act of the Common Council, for the owner of the New York Coral & Shell Marble Company despite the fact that Jones lived not in Hudson but in Greenport.

In 2012, when this picture was taken, a rear corner of the building was beginning to fracture.

Now, five years later, an entire chunk of the building has fallen away.

The building seems sound except for this corner, but it won't remain so for long if the corner is not repaired. Wouldn't it be grand if a skilled mason would come forward and volunteer to repair this little building, owned by the City of Hudson and part of its colorful history?

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