Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What's For Sale

The City of Hudson is holding an auction this Saturday, November 4, of properties seized for nonpayment of property taxes. The auction begins at noon in the Council Chamber at City Hall. The terms and conditions of sale and other information for prospective bidders is provided on the City of Hudson website. Below are the addresses, minimum bids, occasional comments, and pictures of the properties being auctioned. The minimum bid constitutes what is owed to the City in back taxes, penalties, and fees.

35 Columbia Street    Minimum bid: $24,211.97

255-257 Columbia Street    Minimum bid: $90,750.47 
This vacant lot was the site of the Colored Citizens Club, demolished by the City in December 2011.

243 Columbia Street    Minimum Bid: $2,770.21 

241 Columbia Street    Minimum bid: $35,907.09
This church building was originally the home of Shiloh Baptist Church. For the past eight years, it has been the rented home of Endless Love Temple.

202 Mill Street    Minimum Bid: $25,045.19
The list on the City website identifies this property as "202 Mill & New Road." In the tax rolls, it is identified as a one-family residence, so it would appear that this is it.

505 Clinton Street    Minimum Bid: $16,929.39

67 Fairview Avenue    Minimum Bid: $52,215.15
The City of Hudson demolished the house that stood on this lot in 2013.

6 Lucille Drive    Minimum Bid: $16,512.40

618 State Street    Minimum Bid: $30,380.80

There is a tenth property on the list of properties to be auctioned that is identified only as "Spring Street." The tax rolls indicate that it is vacant residential land. The minimum bid is $7,384.15.


  1. 202 Mill Street and New Road? Where is New Road? Is that another name for North 2nd Street?

    1. New Road used to start at Mill Street, just west of North Second Street, and angle down to the intersection of State and North Front Street. You can see it on that 1873 atlas map of the Second Ward: http://www.historicmapworks.com/Map/US/17030/Hudson+City+003/Columbia+County+1873/New+York/.