Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Waiting Is Over

Gossips just received the following press release from the mayor's office, revealing who will serve on the Local Planning Committee for the Downtown Revitalization Initiative:

The Mayor’s office is pleased to announce the formation of Hudson’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative Local Planning Committee. The LPC will work alongside representatives from the New York Department of State, the Capital Region Regional Economic Development Council, Empire State Development, and professional planning firm Stantec to drive the planning process. Over a six-month period, the LPC will engage with the community to build upon the projects framework laid out in the City’s DRI application, solicit ideas for additional projects, and decide by consensus the final projects that are to be implemented over the next two years. The following is a list of the LPC members who have graciously agreed to serve:
  • Tiney Abitabile
  • Brenda Adams
  • Kim Bach
  • Shaheim DeJesus
  • Todd Erling
  • Betsy Gramkow
  • Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton, Co-Chair
  • Michelle Hughes
  • Jeff Hunt
  • Joan Hunt
  • Tony Jones
  • Peter Jung
  • Sara Kendall
  • Bob Lucke
  • Randall Martin
  • Elena Mosley
  • Matthew Nelson, Co-Chair
  • Seth Rapport
  • Jabin Ahmed Ruhii
  • Michael Sadowski
  • Dan Seward
  • Colin Stair
  • Christine Vanderlan
There will also be an advisory board, consisting of the following ex-officio members:
  • Chairman, Hudson Common Council Economic Development Committee--John Friedman
  • Chairman, Columbia County Board of Supervisors Economic Development Committee--John Reilly
  • Treasurer, City of Hudson--Heather Campbell
  • Member of the Hudson Department of Public Works--Christian Ludwig
It is anticipated that the first meeting of the LPC will be held on October 17 at 6:30 p.m. Further details will be announced next week.


  1. It's very clear that special interests from outside the City of Hudson are trying to use the $10 million grant to advance the expansion of Colarusso's rock & gravel operation. They have already included blatant falsehoods in the DRI grant application language. The people of the City need to raise their voices and make goddam sure that WE control the outcome, not a bunch of "economic development" hotshots from elsewhere.

  2. "We" should certainly control the outcome. "We" should also take it upon ourselves as a community to educate ourselves about the projects even as we actively participate. And if by "'economic development' hotshots," you mean outside experts with both policy and real-world experience, I think they probably have opinions worth a listen.