Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gossips and the Ghostly Gallop

This morning, Gossips participated in the 5K Ghostly Gallop, to benefit the Hudson Area Library, as a member of Team Rick Rector for Mayor. Two of our number--Alex Petraglia and Branda Maholtz, who were running--finished with a respectable 37:50 and 37:51 respectively, and Zoe and Keely Martin Hamilton, who sprinted off with the runners, both finished in under an hour--43:53 and 52:16 respectively. The rest of us, walking (and posing occasionally for pictures), brought up the rear, crossing the finish line after an hour and eight minutes. To our credit, though, we walked the entire 5K route and did not skip the final trek up Paddock Place and back down Riverledge Road as some did. Click here for the complete race statistics.

Photo: Kevin Hannan
We were hoping for some team distinction, but, alas, the team with the lowest average time was The Bank of Greene County, and the team with the most participants was Whitbeck, Benedict & Smith LLP. Too bad they weren't giving recognition to the team with the most handsome team T-shirts.


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  1. Congratulations to Team Rick Rector for Mayor for stamina, HONESTY, and the coolest T-Shirts. Your hearts will thank you -- as does the Library.