Monday, October 16, 2017

Getting Across Town

Yesterday, "No Parking" signs went up on both sides of Fourth Street from Union to State. The signs indicate that, starting at 7 this morning, there will be no parking on either side of the street for the entire week.

The reason is that the street is being repaved. The milling--removing the existing surface--begins today. While work is going on, expect all or portions of the street to be closed to traffic.

There are similar "No Parking" signs on Third Street. The schedule of paving that superintendent Rob Perry presented to the Common Council Public Works Committee in July indicates that only a small portion of Third Street between Union Street and Cherry Alley is to be resurfaced, but the "No Parking" signs extend far beyond that.

Be aware of this repaving activity whenever you need to drive from one side of Hudson to the other this week.

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  1. Seventh Street is also being repaved, starting today. It's almost as hard to get across town in Hudson these days as it is in New York!