Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Battle for the Waterfront

This morning's Register-Star contains a remarkably misleading and simplistic letter, signed by all five Hudson surpervisors, calling for the immediate adoption of the LWRP: LWRP delay costs.

Sam Pratt's response to the letter, on behalf of The Valley Alliance, can be found on The Valley Alliance website.


  1. Are we actually paying the County Supervisors for their nonsense? The last thing they tried to do in Hudson was to site a homeless shelter in the St. Charles Hotel. They are clueless....

  2. I don't believe the Hudson supervisors, the ones who signed the LWRP letter, were behind siting the homeless shelter at the St. Charles. Carole, do you remember?

  3. Who among them has read the LWRP Guidebook?

    "More and more people ... have found that the keys to making the most of their waterfront assets include a clear vision and plan, broad public involvement, creative partnerships, patience, persistence and a step-by-step strategy. ...

    "Experts are people with useful knowledge. Enthusiasts are people who will bring energy to the effort from either a civic concern, or from a business interest. Both types of people can help you get the job done and, as advocates, can help you reach consensus in the community."

    LWRP Guidebook