Saturday, August 7, 2010

Talking Trash

The Salvation Army dumpster remains at the corner of Third and Allen streets, defacing a gateway to the city. One unhappy neighbor has affixed signs to the two street-facing sides of the dumpster that read "Welcome to Hudson."

The Salvation Army claims that the Health Department ordered them to move it to that location, but calls to the Health Department from Third Ward Alderman Ellen Thurston and another of the dumpster's unhappy neighbors didn't confirm that. The Health Department denied telling the Salvation Army to move the dumpster, indicating that Hudson City Code (157.5.A) requires dumpsters to be positioned in alleys.

Code Enforcement Officer Peter Wurster was reportedly away this week, but on Monday it will fall to him to enforce the code and get the Salvation Army to move their dumpster or face a $250 a day fine.


  1. so now we are going to fine an agency that spends all its time, money and energy helping people because some snobbish person or persons have a bug up their butt. this really is the unfriendly city and becoming worse by the day.

  2. Wow, waiting for Wurster. I hope he doesn't do the same bang up job that he did with the siding on the church.

  3. No, Anonymous, we're are going to ask the Salvation Army to abide by the laws of the City of Hudson. The section of the city code that pertains to garbage, rubbish, and refuse--the part of the code they are in violation of--was adopted in 1970--forty years ago. None of the "snobbish newcomers" that people seem to like to rail against was here then.

  4. Kind of like those snobbish newcomers from Nantucket who zoned against the cutting of firewood on the curb, 220 years ago.

  5. yes, yes exactly. Except for you Doc, how did cutting firewood on the curb hurt anyone. Can't do this, can't do that, so tell me where do you think we as a city, a country will be in just 20 or 30 years from now. So over regulated we will be squeezed out of life. go ahead put that tax on sugared sode so I won't get fat,but don't mess with my oreos.

  6. Barbara Ponkos-MerolaAugust 8, 2010 at 10:30 AM

    Dear Anonymous,

    The snobbish people you refer to include the Ritter store owners. The trash was drawing many more flies to the area, as well as, the terrible smell. This concerned the Ritter store owners terribly, as their customers were complaining. And, they have a deli.

    Other "born here neighbors" around Ritters were also very upset.

    I was born and raised here. Why is it that you want everything to be about them and us, instead of what is in the best interest of our Hudson community?

    The smell, the flies, and the site of the dumpster in front of the Salvation Army does not make going to dinner there very appealing. I was told "if they are hungry enough they will go." I think that is just plain wrong.

    Barbara Ponkos-Merola

  7. accept my sincere apologies. i guess i'm too jumpy these days with everything else they bitch about. Sounds like it should be dealt with immediately.

  8. If someone from the Salvation Army would just take 5 minutes to put their dumpster back where it was before (and where the law requires it to be) then there will be no fine and no argument.

    How difficult is that? When living in a city it is important to respect laws and be a good neighbor. The Salvation Army can show they are community minded and put it back.

  9. The people getting food from the Salvation Army should not have to wait in line for their food smelling a dumpster full of rotten meat. The dumpster should be emptied and moved ! It is Salvation Army volunteers that are complaining along with the neighborhood that regularly supply the Salvation Army with food for their much needed kitchen. btw any donation of food would be greatly appriciated.