Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tonight in Greenport

Tonight at Greenport Town Hall, the public hearing on O&G's application to create a haul road from the quarry to Route 9G and the city limits of Hudson was scheduled to begin at 7:30, but it was nearly 8:30 before it actually got underway. Before that, the Greenport Planning Board accomplished some good things. They decided that they needed an updated wildlife study of the area and that the long EAF (Environmental Assessment Form) had to be to be completed.

When they got around to the public comments, four people commented: Bob Gagen, Mt. Merino resident and Hudson city attorney under Dick Tracy; Jeff Anzevino from Scenic Hudson; Sam Pratt for The Valley Alliance; and Peter Jung for The Valley Alliance. All spoke in opposition to the plan. After they heard those comments, the board voted to keep the public hearing open and to accept written comments for at least for another month.

Comments should be submitted to:

Greenport Planning Board
Don Alger, Chair
Greenport Town Hall
600 Town Hall Drive
Hudson, NY 12534

One thing heard tonight that hasn't been heard before in O&G's presentations to the Greenport Planning Board: If Hudson doesn't approve the use of the "causeway" through the South Bay, O&G will not pursue the segment of the road that goes through Greenport.

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  1. Bravo, Greenport Planning Board. They really stood up and took their job seriously this evening. O & G and Holcim just found out that they have a long, long, way to go to get any approvals.