Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Visit from the Half Moon

The replica Half Moon was in our part of the Hudson this weekend, moored at Peckham Industries across the river in Athens. This afternoon, word spread that the tall ship was on the river, training new crew members, and would fire its cannon as it passed our waterfront in salute to its historic captain's Namesake City. Gossips was there to capture the moment.


  1. Does anyone know why it doesn't dock in Hudson?

  2. I believe there is no place to dock.
    I know Brian from Tortillaville has to dock in an awkward temporary situation when he comes over from Athens.
    He may have a better answer from personal experience.

  3. I am sure it could dock in Hudson if it would ask. The reason it docks in Athens is to do repairs and maintenance at Peckham Industries, where it ties up to a big barge. During the summer, the Half Moon does a lot of educational tours so is sailing most of the time. Its home brth is in Verplanck, NY where it stays during the winter. Incidentally, the Clearwater will be in Hudson on September 3rd. Come on down! --Ellen Thurston

  4. Vince:

    It is true that there is no place for pleasure boats to dock in Hudson. The Power Boat Assn. members seem to have taken all the space. I don't know if they allow "guests" or not. As for the place where the Spirit of Hudson docks, that is really the City dock and I do not believe the Spirit has an exclusive arrangement with the City to dock there all the time. The Half Moon, should it want to dock there, would have to make prior arrangements with the City.

    The good news is that the City has grants to lengthen the City dock and will also install a kayak launch in one of the slips. The work is supposed to start this fall to make these improvements.


  5. Ellen,

    Exciting new news about the waterfront getting some long needed improvements. I hear tell the new kayak launch is of your influence - Thank You Ellen!

    Even though the Spirit may not have an exclusive arrangement with the City, it is docked there 24/7 . So anyone wanting to tie up at the City Dock is unable to. That's just not right,including the bathrooms of perpetual lockedness.

    The 'Friendly City" needs a friendly waterfront for boaters too.

  6. and speaking of jobs, it sounds like we need a harbor master or something like that now, to keep the City Dock open for boats besides the Spirit, monitor the hours for docking at the new extended pier, kayak launch and ... bathrooms

    none of which is brought to you by O & G or SLC

  7. And the private Boat Club really shouldn't take up all the docking space or be the only restaurant on the river, members only. Look at Catskill and Athens, several places to dock, and eat and enjoy the fresh air by the river. Get with it Hudson.

    By the way, very nice photographs, Carole, can you imagine how it was once. Only Indians on the shore.